Who We Are

Our Team

Tim and Miriam Stanyon

Leadership Team

Tim and Miriam lead New Harvest with the Leadership Team. They're  passionate about Jesus Christ and making him known. Tim has undergraduate and master's degrees in theology and currently works full-time for Friends International. Tim and Miriam have two young sons and have lived in Long Eaton for over 10 years.

Bryan Smith

Leadership Team

Bryan and his wife Celia are Long Eaton natives. With a deep love for Jesus and the local area Bryan brings his giftings to his role on the leadership team.

Tim Broad

Leadership Team and Treasurer

Tim is our most recent addition to the leadership team. Tim brings a keen mind and a head for numbers to the New Harvest leadership team. Tim's wife Ruth writes our regular New Harvest newsletter.

Karen Holmes


Karen brings the spiritual gift of administration to the leadership team and makes sure we don't forget anything! Karen also oversees our regular prayer meetings.